Kill Bill 2 Trailer

Kill Bill 2

A new Kill Bill 2 Trailer is out, and some reviews of it are available here and there.

I’ve been dying to see this movie ever since I saw part one last year, and by the looks of it, I think I won’t be let down, not that I ever expected to be.
Tarantino is a master of his craft, and knows how to tell a story in his own unique way of film-making.

We open on The Bride, aka Black Mamba (Uma Thurman), driving a convertible. The camera is trained close on her face. Her hair is blowing in the wind. She tells us she is on her way to kill Bill.

Man, I can just picture that in my mind and see how great it’s going to turn out.

Tarantino rocks!

The movie is due to be released on April 16th in the US.

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