Better ways to attack Bush


We passed by Carrefour today to get something fast for dinner, and as usual we had to follow our feet and check out the magazines and newspapers.

What caught my eye was the cover of The Economist which reads: “Better ways to attack Bush”.

It’s a rather interesting cover offering points that can be used against Bush in the election race and debates.

I actually agree that almost all these points are weaknesses that could break him in the elections.
All but the gay rights point. I think that maybe his strong position when it comes to this issue is more favorable among most Americans, or at least I’d like to think so.

The 11 ways listed on the cover are:

  • Never hears a spending plan he doesn’t like
  • Backs unequal rights for homosexuals
  • Strong, but not humble
  • Hot air on WMD
  • No cojones on Palestine and Israel
  • All hat and no plans for post-war Iraq
  • The miscommunicator
  • Too close to vested interests
  • Budget belt far too loose
  • Weak-kneed on trade: farms, steel, sugar, cotton…
  • Tramples on civil liberties

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