Oscars 2004

Finally Lord Of The Rings got the awards it deserved. In fact, it nearly got all of them.
This year’s oscars were swept away by Lord Of The Rings, winning all 11 Oscars that it was nominated for. Now, that’s beautiful.
The movie really deserves every single oscar it got, and every single one it didn’t get too.
It’s the movie of the century.

Finding Nemo won for best animated feature film, and of course I agree.
Pixar rule.

Sean Penn who usually is a bad boy standing against the Oscars, went along this year and won the Best Actor Oscar.
Charlize Theron won Best Actress Oscar for her role in Monster.

Sofia Coppola won best screenplay for Lost In Translation. A movie i’m dying to see.

And well for the full list of winners, go here.

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