Night Life

Just the other day, my wife told me that I was obviously more of a night person than a day person, which I think might be true.

Anyway, her comment triggered a flashback to a period of my life in which everyone who knew me called me a vampire.

It was back in 1997 in Jordan, and I had just gotten an internet connection of my own at home.
I was over the moon with excitement, and just couldn’t get enough.

In a few days my schedule became as follows:

– Sleep all day long.
– Wake up at midnight and get online (making use of the free connection after midnight offer)
– Disconnect at 7:30AM
– Go to University to attend my morning lectures.
– Go back home at 10AM.
– Go back to sleep.

So basically, I lived in the night during that whole period.
I didn’t see anyone anymore, not even my room mate, because our time schedules weren’t the same.

Another fact that contributed to the nick name “vampire” was my bed. The matress had fallen in between the borders of the bed, making it look more like an open coffin than a bed.
So i actually stepped into bed rather than climbed into it, lol…

So, if you had a friend who slept all day long in some coffin-like bed, and lived during the night, what would you call him ?
Yep, vampire is the word.

I really enjoyed that period of time. Shame it didn’t last for too long 😛
I guess I just realized I needed some daylight, or maybe the telephone bill changed my mind, lol…

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