New constitution for Iraq

So, after months of wasting time and working their interests, the Iraqi Governing Council has signed a new constitution for Iraq today.

A constitution they say will lay a strong foundation for rebuilding a new, free, democratic Iraq that protects the dignity of the human being and protects human rights.
A consitution that paints Iraq as “federal, democratic and pluralist”.

This can only be good, as it means things will be moving on forward from here. And it means that finally some form of democracy is taking place and that a number of people are actually discussing things and taking decisions together even if they have no true legitimacy.

But wait a second, this constitution is just ink on paper and a big load of bullshit unless Paul Bremer gives it a go ahead.
So much for the dream of democracy, huh ?
In the end of the day why didn’t Paul Bremer just write a constitution of his own and force it on everyone ?

The Iraqi Governing Council are just puppets and Paul Bremer is just another kind of dictator, an occupying one .
Nothing has changed for the Iraqi people on the ground. In fact it only got worse. They were living under the rule of a dictator in an Iraq of their own, and now they’re living under the rule of a dictator in an occupied Iraq.

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