Israelis better at manipulating media

I found this interesting article on Al Jazeera’s website by Dr Toine Van Teeffelen, an educational consultant and a representative of peace movements in Palestine from the Netherlands, about how Israelis are better at manipulating media.

“As a guide and consultant living in Bethlehem, Palestine, I have regularly coordinated visits for groups of Westerners coming to see Palestinian reality with their own eyes.

Almost always those visitors felt afterwards that what they saw did not correspond with the image of Palestine they had before. Somehow the impact and scope of occupation were never really understood except after experiencing it first hand.”

“Israel’s lies are much cleverer, more sophisticated. When an Israeli government official provides information, it seems to come from a think tank that has decided to offer its own brand of media ‘spin’.”
A French Channel 2 journalist

“Western journalists are more quickly on the scene when a Palestinian attack against Israelis happens in the streets of Jerusalem than when Palestinians are killed in a clash in Hebron.”

Read the full article on how Israelis are better at manipulating media.

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