Tunisia 2004 : The Quarter Finals

So, the quarter finals stage of the African Cup of Nations hosted in Tunisia is over, and there are only 4 teams left now.

On Saturday, Mali played against Guinea and won as expected (2-1), moving on to the semi finals. Mali’s team is one of the best teams in this competition, and has a lot of chances for winning the cup.

Also on Saturday, Tunisia played against Senegal in what was a good and scary match to watch.
Attack after attack, counter-attack after counter-attack, and a lot of lost chances from both sides end up with a beautiful goal from Tunisia through the head of Jawhar El Mnari giving Tunisia a precious victory (1-0) passing it to the semi finals.

Sunday witnessed another two matches between Nigeria and Cameroon and then between Algeria and Morroco.
Nigeria won over Cameroon (2-1) and Morroco defeated Algeria (3-1).

It’s a shame though that the Morroco vs. Algeria match, which was a good game, was ruined by Algerian hooligans who went mad and let loose in the stadium and outside of it.
Nowhere near English hooligans, but really bad anyways.

So, this next Wednesday, the semi finals will be taking place and Tunisia will be playing against Nigeria, and Morroco against Mali. Both very interesting and hard matches.

My expectations ?
I expect Mali will win over Morroco and I wish that Tunisia defeats Nigeria.
Nigeria is a strong team, but not as strong as it was before, and if the Tunisian team put their minds and feet to it, they can win.
So, it’s up to the Eagles of Carthage (as they’re being called) to carry through the Tunisian hopes and dreams.

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