The Danish Experience

We went to see “Al Tagroba El Denmarkiyya” (The Danish Experience) starring Adel Imam this past saturday, and it was a good laugh as expected.

Adel Imam is the king of Arab comedy, and his movies and plays are always the funniest and greatest to watch.
His works are a mixture of a lot of humour, a true sense of patriotism and a take at the important matters at the time.

This movie, though not as powerful as some of his previous works, was a good one and full of laughs.
The main issue it tackles is sexual culture, which is still handled as a taboo issue in most of the arab world. It shows how there is a need for sexual culture to be introduced to the people without going as far as the west.

The movie also focuses on other issues like the importance of family, the misuse of power, greed and freedom of speech.

Adel plays the role of a high ranking government official, who actually becomes the Minister of Youth. He has 4 sons who he has been very close to through the years, being both father and mother to them.
Lebanese Nicole Saba (one of the original 4 Cats), plays the role of a danish lady who visits Egypt to work on a report of hers and study the issue of sexual culture in Egypt. Being the sister of the wife of Adel’s character’s friend, she stays at his home with his 4 sons.

Things already go mad having a chick like her in the house, but to make things worse she starts teaching his sons and him about sex and whatnot.

I don’t want to ruin the movie for the people who haven’t seen it yet, so I’ll just stop here and tell you that you should see it if you can.
Any Adel Imam movie is definitely worth seeing.

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