Star Academy LBC

Well it seems my blog has become the official LBC Star Academy blog, lol.

I posted once about the show and the fact that 3 Tunisians are on it. Since then, that one post’s comments have turned into a message board for fans of the show wishing luck and expressing admiration for the competitors.

Recently, even the guys from LBC have starting posting messages of their own, messages they received from fans by sms, …etc.

I think it’s pretty cool 🙂

Here’s the original post in all it’s glory : Star Academy on LBC.

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  1. je vs jure que la starac veut pas les maricaines c pour ca ellees son nomines jihane et chadia et mai je te jure que c pa gentille de votre par du tt

  2. hy jm’apel sarah jsuis de maroc j’aime hanae e l’egyptien jsais comment s’apel.a mon avie la star academy1 c pr ahmed cherif e star academy2 pr bachar e cette tiene ke ser para una mujer y buena suerte para todo

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  5. moi youssef a maroc haya ya lmrarba w twansa w ljazair sawto li hanaa aw hani aw zozo alafdal hwo liradi yrabah 3star vive real

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