Asia House

Time and again we’ve passed in front of Asia House in the food court of Carrefour and felt curious to try their stuff, but yet we never did. Till last saturday that is.

On Saturday, after doing a bit of shopping and getting all the goodies needed for the final match of the African Cup of Nations starring Tunisia vs. Morroco, we thought we’d treat ourselves to a meal at Asia House.

It turns out it’s mainly Thai food, which is great.
It reminded me of the delicious room service we used to order in the Phuket resort we stayed in.

They have a Thai chef who actually has a very good Tunisian accent, lol…

The food was great and really tasty. It’s a shame we couldn’t eat more of it when we were in Thailand itself because most restaurants offered meat that was not Halal, and so we had to go on a sea food diet throughout our stay, which I can’t actually complain about 😛 I love seafood.

Anyway, Asia House has officially entered my Good Places to Eat At list in Tunisia, and to confirm it, we had dinner there on Monday too 🙂

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