World of Psychos

Does it ever occur to you how disordered the world is today ?

Do you ever take a moment from your busy crowded day to just pull yourself back out of the crowd and look around you, look at the people surrounding you, look at the world, and look at yourself ?

I do, and believe me it’s not a pleasant thing to see.
What i see is a world all mixed up in these mad lives we’re leading, and people who think they are great and perfect on the outside while they’re truly crumbled and disordered on the inside.

Really, everyone these days has a number of psychiatric problems starting from stress to anger to different flavours of complexes to sick thoughts and weird sexual inclinations to haunting baggage they’ve collected from their pasts to a billion other emotional and mental instabilities.

Sometimes i just look around me and i don’t see the people i know and their faces but instead i see the troubled twisted insides of them.
Even the people i don’t know who i see on the streets, i can just sense the instability and disorder inside of them.

I think the whole world needs help and they should come to admit it.
The idea that a psychiatrist is for mad people should change, a psychiatrist is becoming more and more of a necessity for everyone.
The one big question though is: Who is gonna help the psychiatrists because even they have problems 😛

Anyway, till the day comes when everyone admits they have issues and that they need to get them solved, we’ll just have to go on living in a world full of psychos.

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