World Around Us

Each and every one of us lives his life feeling that the world revolves around him, and that others are just rotating parts in his existence.
I think it’s due to the way we look at things and analyze them; we only care about things that are directly related to us or that affect our lives. We see things through our eyes only, and so the world to us is what those eyes see, what we build in our minds from our experiences and the images we collect.
That’s the world around us.

Of course, the world doesn’t revolve around any one of us, and the proof to that is that no one’s death ever stopped the world.
But, by someone’s death the world around that person, the world that person created in his mind, the world as he saw it, the world he believed to revolve around him does stop and end.

So ??
Well, my point is, of course we all live in this one same big world in the end of the day, but for all it matters we all live in our small little custom made worlds, we all have these tiny circles we move in.
So, basically, if we were to take anyone and their small little world and put them on Mars, there wouldn’t be any difference at all for them.
But then again, if there were any change, it wouldn’t matter because the main component in that world, which is the person, is still there and he would go on and create a new world around him again.

So, in a sense the world does revolve around each and everyone of us, not the big world, but our own custom world.
So, as long as we are the main player in our world, we might as well try and make it a good one and do our best to enjoy it. Maybe then, the big world that all our little worlds are a subset of can become a better place for us to live in.

For the time being, my world and the whole big world will continue to revolve around me and me only 😛

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