Man blows up car trying to defrost it

What the hell was this guy thinking ?

A Croatian man blew up his frozen car after trying to warm it by lighting a fire under the engine.

Zlatko Grden, 52, lit some old newspapers under the engine of his Opel Kadett after it failed to start in freezing temperatures.

He told local media: “I couldn’t start the engine and realised it was frozen. I decided to warm it up. Maybe I used too much paper.”

Grden, of Donja Stubica near the Croatian capital Zagreb, added: “My lovely car is now destroyed.”

[via Ananova]

Sure, your lovely car is now destroyed Mr. Oh-maybe-i-can-fire-it-up-a-bit !
That’s because you didn’t use your oh-what-do-we-have-here-maybe-it’s-a-brain !

Ok, i know that was not nice of me, and i know it must have been a very tragic event for the guy, but i just can’t help wondering what the guy was smoking or drinking before he did this…

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