Change of Eyeglasses

Well, i’m planning to change my glasses very soon, and i’m already wondering how the change will affect my life this time around.

Now, maybe most people’s lifes don’t really change a lot when they change their glasses, but well my life did the last time i changed mine.
I’ll tell you the story πŸ˜‰

When i went to Jordan back in 1996 to study at the University of Jordan, i was really happy that i would be living alone and free to do whatever i wanted with my looks, life, home, …etc.
It was all the freedom i could ever ask for, and i got it all at once.

When it comes to looks, i used the fact that almost no one knew me, and took the freedom and pleasure of changing my look as often as i wished for, going from normal short hair to long hair to bald to spiky hair to all the weird hairstyles i wanted to try. And in clothes, i tried all sorts of weird combinations and looks.
And well, nobody noticed, because nobody knew me.

Some other background info: I always thought i was quite good looking, but then again who doesn’t think that of themselves ? But i was a bit of a nerd. Yep, always among the top 3 students in the class, not so good with girls, and so into computers, i was always in the computer lab writing some new program. So you can imagine how i’d pass totally unnoticed πŸ˜›
In fact, throughout my whole life before that, i only knew of 2 or 3 girls who ever had a crush on me, lol. Pretty good for a nerd like me πŸ˜› (Although i was later shocked to know there were more.)

Anyways, in the summer of 1998, i went home to Tunisia for the vacations (after the summer course), and while i was at it, i changed my glasses, and finally chose a certain MMM look πŸ˜‰

When i went back to Jordan with my new look, suddenly everything changed and i was no longer that invisible nerd no one knew. All of a sudden, everyone knew me, everyone noticed me, and everyone wanted to be friends with me. Yep, i was the new hot thing on campus, loool…
To add to that, i was introduced to some girls from the faculty of arts then others from the faculty of business (known to have the best looking girls in the university) and started hanging out with them, giving me an even cooler reputation πŸ˜‰
And so, from being someone who was a total disaster with girls, i became known as the ladies’ man πŸ˜› And from being a complete unknown, almost everybody knew me πŸ˜‰

But being the nice guy i am, i didn’t abuse my newly found popularity, and just went on as usual with my life.

Anyway, thanks to that popularity and the people i got to know, i was able to get introduced to the greatest and most beautiful girl in all of Jordan, who is now my lovely wife πŸ™‚

So, i think that now it’s obvious why i’m wondering what my next change of glasses will bring along πŸ˜‰
And, hey, you too, be careful when you’re out there choosing your next pair of glasses, they could flip your whole world around πŸ˜›

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