Basic : Let’s Twist Again…

Last night i watched Basic, a movie i had read about online and which critics bashed.
So, i started the movie not expecting much really, although i usually like John Travolta’s movies.

By the end of the movie, i thought the movie was quite good, although i understand why some people must have not liked it.

You know those movies where you think you’ve got everything all figured out and then it comes up with a twist ?
People usually love movies like that, but what if the person who wrote the movie is a bit over-obsessed with the idea of twisting the story ?
What if the movie goes like this:
Story –> Twist –> Twist to the twist –> Twist to the 2nd twist –> Twist to the 3rd twist –> Twist to 4th twist …etc. –> Twist to the final twist.
Well that’s what this movie does, and basically after the first few twists, i guess some people will just lose interest and let it go, especially that the initial story isn’t that strong to start with.

Anyway, being in a lazy sunday night mood, i didn’t think the movie was that bad, and i quite enjoyed it.

I’d give it a 7/10.

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