The Search for the One RSS Reader

A while back, with a growing number of news sites and blogs to keep up with piling up in my favourites and blogroll, i thought it was about time i got myself a good RSS reader.

I started by trying out NewsDesk, which i didn’t like, although i don’t really remember why, i just know it didn’t click for me.

After it i tried FeedDemon by Nick Bradbury, which is pretty good, but still in Beta, so i have to wait for that till it’s done.

Now, i’m actually using SharpReader, which is quite a good program, and does what it’s supposed to do well enough.
I just wish the interface looked a bit better, and had more eye candy 🙂

And, i’m about to try out another one called FeedReader, which looks like the one i’m using right now but with a slightly better interface.

So, basically, i’m still on the search for the one great RSS reader that will blow my mind, and provide me with a slick beautiful interface and all sorts of different functionalities.
So, if you know of anything that fits the above description, please let me know about it by posting a comment to this.

Update: I tried FeedReader, and well it does look better than SharpReader, and for a couple of seconds, it got my hopes high, but then the problems started, and i had to kill the process from task manager. So i chose to uninstall it and stick to my stable SharpReader until i find something better.
Anyway, i’ll be checking FeedReader again, when it’s more stable. I think it holds some promise.

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