I think i’ve always been a very open person when it comes to religion, willing to listen and learn more about all religions and beliefs, a topic that truly interests me.

As a muslim, i find Christianity and Judaism very close to Islam, which is only normal as they are all the words of the same God, and as Islam tells us to believe in all the prophets that were sent by God including Jesus and Moses.
The only differences between these religions’ holy books and teachings are the ones that were influenced and changed with time, resulting in a number of versions of the Bible and the Torah.
Thankfully the Quran didn’t go through this versioning problem, and only one version is available, which is the very same one there was when prophet Mohamed was around.

Another religion that really interests me is Buddhism.
I’ve always been really curious about it, and last year when i visited Thailand it got me even more interested in learning more about this religion and it’s ideas and teachings.
So, i started searching online and reading books to get an idea about this religion, and well i found that most of it is very logical.
I say most not all because there are some details like reincarnation that i don’t see logical proof to in the sense of the same spirit living on, i do believe though that life carries on, and that when one life ends, life goes on and another starts, but the spirit for whom life has ended is never reborn.

Anyway back to what i was saying, i found that the main ideas and truths that Buddha reached when he was enlightened are very logical ones.
And what i found even more interesting is that they don’t contrast at all with my beliefs as a muslim, in fact they offer explanations to some of the things God has asked of us.
After all, i believe that any religion has to be logical, and there have to be reasons why we were told to do certain things and avoid others, if that is not the case then the religion just makes no sense, and why would anyone follow something that doesn’t make sense ?

I think that in the end of the day, if we put all these logical religions together, and go deep into their main concepts, ideas and teachings, we’ll find they all rotate around the same principles that point us in the direction of peace, happiness and love of all humans and beings.
So, why is it that we keep fighting among us and sticking it to religion differences, when in fact our religions are not all that different ?!

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