Last night, after picking up my wife from her French course, we decided to go and have Lablabi for dinner.

Lablabi is a Tunisian speciality which is especially great in winter time, it’s basically bread crumbs, chick peas, some spices, an egg, olive oil, and a lot of harissa (our famous hot sauce).

I haven’t had lablabi in a long long time, maybe over 6 years. And my wife never tried it before even though she heard a lot about it since she came with me to Tunisia.

So, it was her first time and she liked it a lot, even though her mouth nearly caught fire with all the hot sauce that was in it, and as for me, i loved it, and it was a delight eating it again.

Winter is late this year, and is barely beginning, but i have a feeling that we’ll be eating lablabi more often this winter 😉

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