Kill Bill – Vol. 1

“Revenge is a dish best served cold !”
Now that’s the opening line of the movie, and from that early on, i knew i’d love it.

Yep, i saw Kill Bill – Vol. 1 last night, and i loved every second of it.
Tarantino is truly THE man.
His movies and style are just so unique and great.

I love what Quentin did with this movie.
You get all sorts of cool stuff going on, from moving back and forward in time, to switching to Japanese manga animation at times, to using black and white in a big combat scene, to fighting with the lights turned off, and mostly a lot of violence and gore.
The soundtrack is awesome and is a very important character in the movie.

The story is great and fun too. I’m always for good revenge stories.
All in all, this is one hell of a great movie, and i can’t wait to see Volume 2. Till then i’ll keep on watching this one over and over again 😉

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7 thoughts on “Kill Bill – Vol. 1”

  1. I saw Kill Bill a few weeks ago and it was fantastic!! I couldn’t agree more.

    There was chick fighting but it remained Essentially Tarantino.

    I never knew I wanted a sword!

  2. Well, it’s a pirated divx copy i got my hands on from a friend.
    Quality is so-so, it was obviously filmed from a cinema, but well anything is good when you just have to see the movie while you wait month after month for it to be released in theaters, if it ever is.

    I think the source of this cd is some cd copying shop in Menzah 5.
    Anyway, if you’re interested, i can make you a copy of it 🙂 Just let me know 🙂

    I just hope no anti-piracy people come banging my door tonight 😛

  3. Yes i guessed it is a divx copy :))

    I dont know where is the shop you’r talking about! But it could be very nice if you make me a copy 🙂 it could be a good reason to meet you for a cofee :)))

    i’ll take the plane next tuesday. just send me an email…

  4. so you go your hands on a kill bill movie….you think we could arrange for a copy of that cd..i’ll pay money..


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