Getting Innovation Right

I was just reading this interesting article about Apple and the limits of innovation, when i found this set of interesting tips on getting innovation right.

If Apple teaches us anything, it’s that effective innovation is about more than building beautiful cool things.
A few thoughts for innovating well in your own shop:

  • Not All Innovation Is Equal
    Technical innovation will earn you lots of adoring fans (think Apple). Business-model innovation will earn you lots of money (think Dell).
  • Innovate for Cash, Not Cachet
    If your cool new thing doesn’t generate enough money to cover costs and make
    a profit, it isn’t innovation. It’s art.
  • Don’t Hoard Your Goodies
    Getting to market on time and at the right price is vital. If that means licensing your idea to an outside manufacturer or marketer, do it.
  • Innovation Doesn’t Generate Growth. Management Does
    If you covet awards for creativity, go to Hollywood. Managers get rewarded for results, which come from customers.
  • Attention Deficit Has No Place Here
    Every innovation worth doing deserves your commitment. Don’t leap from one new thing to another. If your creation doesn’t appear important to you, it won’t be important to anyone else.

For the full article read: If He’s So Smart…Steve Jobs, Apple, and the Limits of Innovation.

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