Anti US or what ?

I was just checking out some of my blogs from the recent days when i felt that maybe i was passing through the wrong message regarding the US, and so i thought i’d just blog about it and state my official position.

I’m not Anti US, never was, never will be. I’m just against the current US policies and leadership, just like millions of Americans and other people around the world.
There’s a huge difference.
I don’t hate Americans nor the US as a country, in fact i have very good friends who are Americans, and i’d even like to visit the US for tourism someday and visit all the beautiful places in it.

I totally think that it was a big mistake for Bush to become president. And i think that he is steering the US in a wrong direction and messing up things for the American people as well as the world.
If i were American, i would have voted for Gore in 2000, and would probably vote for Dean in 2004, but i’m not an American, and all i can do is watch.

I think the American people deserve a lot better than this leadership and that they should stand up for themselves in the next elections and choose someone who can fix this mess and focus on making lives better instead of ruining them.

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