Where have i been ?

Haven’t written anything in 3 days. Friday i simply had nothing to say, and Saturday & Sunday were totally exhausting, read on and you’ll know why…

Well, the story began on the second week of my vacation, after my wife’s sister went back home to Jordan. My wife and I started looking for a new appartment that is nice, in a safe good place, a bit smaller than the one we were in, and most importantly cheaper 😉
And well after living the life of a real estate agent for over a week we found an appartment and made the decision to move into it.

And in an effort to make the move before Ramadan we started moving the small and fragile stuff slowly with our car througout the past week to reach a climax on the weekend where we moved a load of stuff with our car and had the movers move the big stuff.

So basically we made it, and last night was our first night in our new home, but God were we totally pooped out !
By the end of the day i was too tired to even blink.

We still have some stuff lying around in our old place, but we’ll be moving them during this week, as we have to give in the keys on October 31st.

So basically, now i’m a resident of Soukra, the name of the residence “Diar Soukra” suggests that, but i don’t know if that’s actually correct, as i don’t what the place is called yet, it’s somewhere between Soukra, Ain Zaghouan, Cit

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