Divine Intervention

The Palestinian movie “Divine Intervention” by Elia Sulayman has qualified for consideration for nomination for next year?s best foreign film Oscar.

The film, which took the jury prize at Cannes in 2002, tells the politically explosive story of life under Israeli occupation, told in vignettes of reality and fantasy.

This is the first time a Palestinian movie has qualified, and it was accepted despite some earlier speculation that the Academy would not take the submission on the grounds that “Palestine is not a country”.

I haven’t seen this movie yet, although friends of mine who saw it strongly recommended it.
I hope it wins the Oscar, and that i get to see it soon.

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2 thoughts on “Divine Intervention”

  1. My friends watched the movie and they all recommend watching it. They say it’s truely great. So you can say i’m waiting to see it just like you.

  2. This not a Hollywood movie, nor a movie to watch if you are bored. It is a movie that would make you look at yourself in the mirror and then try cleaning it with your hand, but you wonder why you can’t take the dirt off the mirror!

    Elia Suleiman proves several strong points in this movie and I would say we finally have a decent reference to what is going on down there on the other side of the river!

    If you want to explain to anyone who is not aware of the situation, pass it on to him/her, and you will feel proud of yourself, since we (the spectators) haven’t done anything else to be proud of!

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