CF_Query2XML Lives on…

It seems like my ColdFusion custom tag CF_Query2XML is still alive and is still of some use to some people as i just got an email from informing me of a new sale.

This is a custom tag i wrote in CF when ColdFusion was still in version 4.5, and XML was still the new hot kid on the block and support for it was still minimal in all the languages available at the time, and the whole idea was to make it easy to generate well-structured XML from any query.
So basically using this tag, you query your database, pass the query on to the CF tag and it generates your XML for you, as easy as can be 😉

Another interesting tag i wrote is CF_Crypt which is an encryption/decryption tag i’ve used a lot, and which solves the problems that used to happen when using the built-in CF encrypt/decrypt functions.

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