Finding Nemo & Parts of the Process

Just finished watching “Finding Nemo”, and i must say it’s one of my favourite animated movies to this day, pixar have really outdone themselves with this one, in fact they always do with every new movie.

“Finding Nemo” is a piece of art animation-wise, and the story is great and the humor is amazing, i just love it 🙂
I think i’ll be buying the DVD for sure when it’s released and gets here.

As i write this post, i’m listening to Morcheeba’s album “Parts of the Process”, which has this really cool laid back sound that i love, just the stuff i need right now.

Btw, i just remebered, i also re-watched “The Two Towers”, finally in English, on a DVD i rented and i love it even more now.
The DVD has some cool extras on it, especially the teaser part about “Return of the King” which looks like it’ll top both the first and second movie, i can’t wait.

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