Back from the South

We just got back from a trip to the south of Tunisia. My vacation started Saturday, and so i suggested we (My wife, her sister and I) pick ourselves up, get in the car and go for a little trip to the south.

My wife and I already went there earlier in the year and we loved it, so we thought this was a great chance to go again. So we got in the car, and i started driving.

Our first stop was Kairouan which was on our way, we just drove around quickly, then stopped and had lunch there. Then we were back on our way, and we kept on going till we got to Tozeur at 9:30PM, a beautiful city in the South West of Tunisia, with a unique architectural style and amazing natural beauty.

We spent the night there, and in the following morning, went in a tour in the city, then visited a close city called Nefta, then we were back on our way, this time towards Douz and its vast breath-taking Sahara.
Once in Douz we headed straight to camel-riding, and we got 3 camels and went into the desert for an hour or so, which was totally awesome. The desert sand is so pure and smooth and the air is so clean and energizing.

Later, we moved on towards Djerba passing by the amazing Matmata, the Star Wars city, where they actually filmed the scenes for the planet Tatooine, and it’s Berber houses that are built into the mountains.

Finally we got to Djerba (The island of dreams), spent the night there, and woke up today to go to Djerba Explore (A theme park that has a Crocodile park, hotel, restaurants, cafes, museums and more).
After that, we drove around in the island then went to Houmt Souk and spent some time there.

At 2PM or so, we started on our way back to Tunis, a continuous 7:30 hour drive, after which i find myself totally exhausted and dying for sleep and rest.

So i’ll end this post here with a pic i took of the desert in Douz.


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