Summary of quiet period

I thought i’d post a blog entry summarizing the past period, so here it goes 😉

Basically, it was more and more of the usual, lol, work from 8AM to 3PM, lunch at home, sleep or watch movie, go out or watch movie, have a cool night out or watch a movie, lol…

But, there were some rather cool things that happened, which are:
– We got a DVD player as a late wedding gift, so no more movie nights watching DVDs on my laptop, from now on we can use the TV, which is one of the bedroom accessories now after the AC was installed there 😉
– A friend of mine got married (he’s actually a brother of a friend of mine who became my friend), and that meant days in a row of nights out, sleeping late, and going shitfaced to work in the morning, lol.
– We went bowling at last with some friends of ours, something we’ve been wanting to do for ages and just putting off for no reason, anyway it was like a curse, my whole game was a series of 9 points, and i only got strikes in my last 2 shots. good thing though is that i won, so it wasn’t such a bad curse after all 😛
– We went out to the beach at Hammamet with some friends of ours, and it was pretty cool and good fun.
– We saw a number of cool movies: “Not Another Teen Movie” which was awesomely funny, “Charlie’s Angels Full Throttle” which was really good and better than the first one, “Pay It Forward” which was really nice, “Hulk” which had really good special effects but was a bit boring story-wise …etc.

I guess that about sums it all up…

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