Saving (or NOT !)

Before an hour or so, the power went off in the whole area (i can just hear those lazy guys at the electricity company going like “Come on, the power went off in New York, and you’re complaining cause it went off in Charguia 2, give us a break !”), and we guys at work ended up waiting for the electricity to come back on in the Recreation room talking about a load of meaningless crap as usual, lol.

Anyway, some of the guys used the chance to have an early lunch, in an effort to optimize their time (as management puts it, lol), and that triggered a talk about how some were trying to save on Soda cans and on other stupid small stuff by buying them from this place or the other, which made me think how weird some people are, they try and save pennies on some small items while they don’t mind it at all to go for a night out and spend really big money on a meal at a luxurious restaurant or to buy an over-priced something they don’t really need.

Thinking about that, only makes me look more at the human nature of our days and see all the other weird contradictions it has, lol.

It’s so weird and funny how a creature so complicated and advanced as a human being can contradict itself time and time again without realizing it.

It all makes me kind of wonder how developed we really are, and whether we really do think enough about the things we do in our lives or if we just go along with whatever dumb thought that crosses our mind first, lol.

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