Alone :(

Well, my wife has gone to visit her family in Jordan, and due to work obligations i wasn’t able to go too, and so i’m left all alone in Tunisia.

This is not the first time i’m alone in my life, but this time it’s so different, it feels like i’m the only person left on earth.
It’s the first time we’re not together ever since we got married last year, it sucks big time, and it actually feels really weird, as if some part of me is missing, a part i’m so attached to.

I’m kicking myself in the head because i was the one who convinced her to grab the occasion and visit her family.

I can’t wait for her to get back, so we can do everything together again just like it’s supposed to be, just like it makes sense and has a meaning and taste to it.

Anyway, i’d better get going now, i’m so sleepy and exhausted after last night and working till 6:45PM today…

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