The Recruit

Just finished watching “The Recruit” featuring Al Pacino and Colin Farrell, and i must say it was quite a good and entertaining movie. I was a bit worried when renting it as i read some posts on IMDB likening it to Spy Game, but this one was better.

I liked the way they kept twisting the story, it has the most twists i’ve ever seen in one movie, but what’s cool is that they were able to carry them through without making the movie stupid.

Al Pacino was great as usual, and Colin Farrell is proving movie after movie that he’s a very talented actor (who’d think that irish guy from “Ordinary Decent Criminal” would get this far, but well he deserves it).

What i liked most though was the message : “Nothing is what it seems”, even though they meant it in another context, i think it holds when we look at our world, everything is one big act, one big game, one big layer of lies hiding the ugly truth that lies beneath, insulting our intelligence over and over again…

The one big shame though is that there are some people who continue to deceive themselves and believe the obvious lies, i just wonder if they do it willingly or not…

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