Overcrowded Madness

Have you ever been to a place so overcrowded you end up stepping on your own toes ? Well, if not, then you obviously haven’t visited Carrefour in Tunisia (a Mega Mall we have here) on the first day of the month.
Everyone just got their paychecks, and they’re all out there at Carrefour to spend every millime (cent) of it like crazy on stuff they mostly don’t need, but are buying anyways because there’s a big red and yellow sign saying “PROMOTION” on it.

Suddenly, the laws of physics don’t apply anymore, and you actually can fit 15 adults in 1 square meter, not to mention their shopping carts and kids, who act as if this is the first time they actually step out their home doorstep and see what the outside world looks like, not wanting to miss one moment of it without proving to everybody how insanely active they are.

Another amazing phenomenon is what happens at the cash registers, it’s incredible how everyone totally believes they were standing in that queue before you or that they deserve to pass first, multiply that by 30 cash registers, and then believe me you’ll start thinking twice before using the word havoc in the future.

Oh well, i think its obvious i made the stupid mistake of going to Carrefour on this cursed shopping day, only to find that every other Tunisian beat me there, lol…
Anyway, i’m ok now, i just have this darn headache, a raging temper and god knows what else boiling inside of me !

Today was the first day in what we Tunisians call “S

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