Unbearable Heat

It’s incredible how wrong a person can be when he thinks: “Things can’t get any worse than this !”, coz they can, this heat seems to keep wanting to out-do itself day after day, making life miserable for us mortals…

Just came back from checking out a number of ACs and their prices, and well i feel like kicking myself in the head for not buying that unionaire AC in the beginning of the summer for half the price ACs are at now

I can’t help but fantasize of that cool Training room i spent most of my day in today, even if it meant having to answer an endless flow of questions about web site management by two people who shouldn’t be anywhere close to a website, lol…

Good thing i’ll be back there for more training on Wednesday, bad thing is i’ll have more questions to answer, so i’d better be ready and take my anti-stress pills (just kidding) 😛

NDC 2003

Just finished resting after 3 days of attending the first North Africa Developer Conference in Tunis/Tunisia. It was quite tiresome but very interesting.
It was held at the Renaissance hotel in Gammarth, overlooking a beautiful golden beach.

Most of the talk was about Web Services and how they’re the next big thing and how they’re going to blow all our worries away, and that asp.net is the best platform and easiest one to create Web Services in, and well believe it or not, the Microsoft guys almost got me convinced 😛

Anyway, Web Services are truly great, and i can’t wait to have more free time at home to play around with them and create some cool stuff. I’m also thinking of going a bit deeper into .NET and doing some development with it, it seems to be able to provide some nice capabilities.
I’ll post any stuff or ideas i work on here…