What if Microsoft really acquired Macromedia ?

Well, it’s been a rumour that has gone on and off for ages, and just recently i re-heard it from someone who barely has anything to do with IT, and everytime it turns out to be a load of crap.

But i was just thinking, what if Microsoft really does acquire Macromedia ?
What would happen to all the goodies we got used to from Macromedia ?

Here is what i think would happen to the various Macromedia products:

ColdFusion: This would be discontinued of course, the best they could do for it is to make a CF.NET language that is supported in the ASP.NET framework.
JRun: This too would be discontinued, and instead of it J# would be promoted for the ASP.NET framework.
Flash: This would go on of course and become even more developer oriented.
Director: This too would stay, although MS could start thinking why have both Flash & Director, why not make them one product that works for both purposes, and instead of ActionScript & Lingo you

Bend it like Beckham

I saw “Bend it like Beckham” yesterday evening, and i have to say it was quite better than i expected.

It’s a light and fun movie to watch about an English Indian girl who wants to play football like David Beckham, and who faces strong opposition from her parents for it.

The situations at home with her mom and dad are the ones i liked best, they’re really true to the spirit all parents share, especially when they’re defending their culture and their traditions.

Click here for more info about the movie

Cycling for world peace

Just read about this Iranian girl who is travelling around the world by bike to promote friendship and peace.

A solitary journey around the world that started on April 2003 via 10 countries: Starting with Italy, France, England, The United States, Japan , New Zealand, China, India, Oman, Saudi Arabia and ending in Iran.

She states her main goals as:

1- Gathering support and raising funds for orphaned children and the needy.
2- Communicating with the women, girls and youth in the countries to be visited and bringing their message to the women, girls and youth in Iran.
3- Observing the manifestations of God in world.

and her journey motto is:
“In the name of love, friendship and global peace.”
Poupeh Mahdavinader

For more info and to follow her through her journey, check out her site at:

I personally think it’s cool, she’s having fun travelling the world and she’s doing good at the same time 🙂

Return Of The King

Just saw the trailer of Lord Of The Rings : Return Of The King on the official site.

From that and some preview material i saw on the DVD of The Two Towers, it looks like it’s gonna be one hell of a movie, and so much better and more exciting than the first two.

God, i can’t wait to see it…