Return Of The King

Just saw the trailer of Lord Of The Rings : Return Of The King on the official site.

From that and some preview material i saw on the DVD of The Two Towers, it looks like it’s gonna be one hell of a movie, and so much better and more exciting than the first two.

God, i can’t wait to see it…

Bionic Office

This should be one hell of a cool office to work in (click here).

Kind of reminds me of my old job in Jordan, i remember loving the office ever since i walked in for the job interview.
The boss was originally an architect as well as half the designers, so they turned the office space into something really cool.

The office i currently work in here in Tunisia is quite cool too, a lot of open space, and a nice environment.


“Terrorists don’t just wake up one morning and decide to hate the United States”.
Micah Halpern (Author of “What You Need To Know About: Terror”)

I just read this line a couple of days ago in TIME magazine, and ever since then i’ve been wanting to post something about this, but without being too political, i just want to state a point of view, an idea, a thought, regardless of the country.

Just reading that line really makes you think, it’s true, nobody ever wakes up in the morning and decides to hate someone. Hate is a feeling that is born and then grows because of a reason, and it naturally grows even bigger when that reason persists and is ignored.

So maybe the solution to stop this hate is to actually try and find that reason, then try to find some way to erase it and solve the problem creating it instead of launching a full scale war that will only serve as a way to feed the roots of that hatred.

But what if the reason is already known and obvious ?
What if they don’t want to solve the problem that is the reason of the hatred ?
Then, this is why we see what we see today and live through what we live through today.

But then again, War never was a solution to any problem.

Doesn’t that make you think ?

Arabic Language in Tunisia

A few days ago i read a topic on my friend Houssein’s blog in which he talked about the Berbers in Morocco, and how they won a very important fight to affirm their identity and got their language to be taught in schools.

Houssein went on to talk about Tunisia, and how people should start using arabic more.

I totally agree with Houssein, and i think that Tunisians should hold on to their arabic language, start using it more and even get to know it better, because language is one of the most important parts of one’s identity and if they let that go, then they’re losing part of who they are.

I see this problem even more than others maybe because i lived in another arab country, an eastern arab country which was Jordan, where arabic is used more than here and even the local dialect is more faithful to the arabic language than ours.

I think it’s great that the government is pushing for arabic in all domains and for all purposes, and i wish companies and people would follow.

We are arabs and arabic is our language, arabic is our identity, arabic is our history and culture, arabic is our heritage.
We should work hard not to let all that go, coz if we do then all we’re actually doing is losing sense of who we are, and losing the respect of everyone starting by our own respect for ourselves.

And people who think that talking another language is cool, then it’s not, what’s so cool about imitating someone and trying to be something you’re not ?
What is cool is to be yourself, be original and stick to who you are and what you believe.

Our language is one of the most beautiful languages ever, if not the most, so lets not let it go.