Eid El-Fitr in Tunisia

So it’s confirmed that Eid El Fitr, the Islamic holiday that marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan, will be tomorrow in Tunisia.
Happy and blessed Eid to everyone.

This Eid is also called the small Eid in Tunisia, the big one being Eid El Adha.
Many traditions and practices are associated with this Eid in Tunisia, which I think is one of the most beautiful days of the year.

In the days before the Eid, all the fuss is about getting different varieties of traditional sweets, that will be served to the guests, and buying new clothes for the whole family to wear and celebrate the Eid in.

In the morning of the Eid, the Eid prayers are held in mosques all over the country, which are an amazing experience that starts with lots of supplications and chanting, that can be heard throughout the neighbourhoods, and is then followed by a sermon and prayers.
Before the Eid prayer begins Zakat al Fitr, a little charity, is distributed by every household depending on the number of it’s family members.

After that, the men and kids of the family, all dressed up in their new clothes, go out and start visiting and wishing a happy eid to members of the extended family tree and friends, making it a great chance to reconnect and reunite with the family and friends.
The only downside is that they get served sweets at every house and they have to take some, which means that they end up stuffed with sweets at the end of the day.

As for the women, they stay at home to receive the guests; the men and kids of other relatives.

The closer family then gets together over lunch or dinner at the family house, or the eldest member’s house. The meal in the Tunis area is in most cases either “Mloukhia” or “Madfoona”.

Children love this day because they are given gifts and money by their parents and the close family members they visit.

I personally love how this Eid brings families together and reunites them. I hope we had more days like in the year.
Like many others, I too always seem to feel a sense of nostalgia to the days of Ramadan.

May God give us all the opportunity to live through another Ramadan, and Eid Mubarak to everyone all over the world.
And as we say in Tunisia: Eidik Mabrouk & Sneen Dayma (Blessed eid & lasting years).