Subzero Blue Photography Section Launched

Seeing as Flickr is now totally blocked here in the UAE, the only options I had were to either move to another service or do what I’ve been wanting do to for a long time and launch a dedicated photography section under Subzero Blue.

So today, I took a bit of time to install pixelpost, and create a spot for my photography here: Subzero Blue Photography.

I didn’t move all the photos I have on Flickr to here; just the ones I enjoyed the most (either the end result, or the process of taking the photo).

After a busy period with me not taking that many photos, I’m hoping to have more time to take more photos from now on, and the best of them should be shared on this new photolog.

For those outside the UAE, my Flickr account will still be active, hosting my older photos.

Subzero Blue Photography

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