Stop Kissing Children Who Aren’t Yours!

What is it with people who give themselves the right to kiss other people’s children without their permission?

It’s very common here in Tunisia, and I don’t know what screwed up logic these people are following that says they can kiss a child without even asking their parents first?

They just lean down on the child, or pick them up, kiss them straight on the cheek, if not on the mouth sometimes, and then go on normally with their lives as if nothing ever happened!

It’s just so normal to them, it’s as if that’s the natural way to react when there’s a baby/child around.
And it sometimes even feels like you’re wrong for being annoyed by it.

But it seriously pisses me off. I swear I feel like punching their head in each time.

It’s impolite, very rude and totally unacceptable!

Do they ever think about the parents and if they’re comfortable with some stranger coming up to their child and kissing them?
Do they ever put themselves in the parents’ shoes? How would they feel about it?
Don’t they think the parents would rather not have some stranger kissing their child?
Don’t they think the parents would rather not have some sick stranger passing on whatever viruses and germs they have to their child?

I’ve been seeing this for ages, even before having a child of my own, and it always annoyed me, and I saw how uncomfortable it made parents.
And now that I have a child of my own and go through this whenever we’re out and about, the last time being today at the park, it annoys me so much more.

I just needed to get this off my chest. But so help me god, the next person who’s even going to try it is going to get one hell of a tell-off by me.

  • Aychu

    Well, people in some societies are just so … weird ??
    Maybe some people love so much kids they go on trying to kiss them … those baby cheeks are so kiss apealing that people just help themselves !

    Ok, ok, don’t get mad … was just teasing !!!

    I dunno, sometimes when I see a kid, if they are cute, I smile at them, but some are so evil, and their parents are just piss offs … they see that kid kicking you on your knee, shooting you in your tebia, punshing you in your stomach, and everyone finds that so cute … except you !!
    I sometimes want to take that little devil call kids and just like kick him back on their butt so they’d know how it feels and maybe just yell a bit so they’d know what manners are !!
    But can you do that too ? no !! you can not !!

    Can you tell people not to kiss your kids ??
    I’d start by telling my kid to start screaming NOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooo each time a stranger tries to kiss him !! Once a bit older, I’d tell him to call them names !!

    Could be fun ?

  • Ziad

    The solution is simple, just push this rude thing (person) from your child! and ask him to go away!
    Punch their faces, heads or whatever is not a bad idea too ;)! … and yes i consider myself civilized to act like this!

  • Imed Chihi

    I think we got so taken away by the “don’t touch” culture. Yes, Tunisians love kids and there is nothing weird about it: it’s just different from other cultures. If you’re finding it so repulsive and so weird, then you are probably living in the wrong country.
    Punching a person for kissing one’s child _is_ definitely weird by most Tunisians.
    I am in Tunisia streets a week per year at most and I got my daughter (of 2) picked up and kissed by strangers in the street twice. The first time, the lady asked for my permission, the second time the aged gentleman did not. In both cases I replied to their compliments with a wide smile and “rabbi eyfadhlik”.
    I would not dare looking at a child in North America, let alone kissing them. But guys, this is Tunisia, people are just showing admiration and appreciation to a cute and smart kid. Every single time, it comes with a blessing like “rabbi eykhallihoulkom”, “tbarkallah” or “rabbi eyfadhlou”.

  • MMM

    @Imed: I truly understand your point of view, and I’m not for overdoing things, and I do think it’s nice to have the warmth of our culture; and it’s true that as you said, almost always it comes with a blessing, which is nice.

    But Imed, as you said, you’re only here a week per year, and in that week, it can only happen to you a couple of times, which isn’t really annoying, but when you’re getting this all the time; with some people acting really rude about it; some others really sick and passing their illness to your child, throwing the poor kid into bed again with fever and God knows what; and the list goes on, it truly gets annoying.

    I appreciate genuine human feelings and emotions, that’s the beauty of our culture, but there’s a difference between that and between the rude, selfish acts I see from some people.

    As I write this comment, my son is actually in bed, with a bad cold that he got from some shop girl, who was rude and selfish enough to pick him up and kiss him straight on the mouth the day I originally wrote this post.

  • Kris

    Its bizzare but a nice Tunisian habit.

    I live in tunisia but I am English when a man smiles at a child in the UK they think he is a peadofile.

    Be careful what you wish for if you do not allow yourself to be touched you may start missing it and then the world changes.

    Now men holding hands thats more strange lol

  • Pretty Prats

    Interesting post … coz i never thought of that .. Its quite common in India too .. I remember my mom feeling uncomfortable wen men used to this to me or my sister but she never thought about ladies showering love like this on us … But i will surely remember not to do this myself … though i never do it even now… i just pull a kid’s cheeks too much 😉

  • Jack

    there are many things that suck about our arabic culture but this isnt one of them usually it comes with best wishes and a lot of love and i really appreciate our “warm “culture something you rarely see in the west like hugging and what not though i do understand that it bothers some people but i know my dad and mom really cant handle not kissing a cute kid its almost beyond their capabilities but they do ask permission