Eleven Minutes (Paulo Coelho)

Another Paulo Coelho book that I’ve read recently and that I’ve been meaning to write about is ‘Eleven Minutes‘.

The book is pretty different from the other books I’ve read by Paulo Coelho, even though it is equally as great and enjoyable as a book, and inspiring in its own kind of way.

It starts with the sentence “Once upon a time, there was a prostitute called Maria”, and goes on to tell us the story of a woman’s journey from an innocent young girl who believed that she had squandered her only chance at love, to leaving her home to seek fame and fortune, to then finding herself stepping into the life of prostitution, to a woman who finally decides to open her heart again to allow “real” love in.

I didn’t know what to expect when I first started reading the book even though a number of my friends told me it was a very good book; but I was pleasantly surprised, and confirm what my friends told me; the story engages you, and carries you through it, as you follow the main character’s life, the events she goes through, and her perception of things.

I personally really enjoyed reading this book, and recommend it to everyone. It’s not meant to change your mind about prostitution, nor to give reasons or explanations; it’s just a story about one woman and her journey with love.

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