Southern Fried Chicken Opens In Al Nasr 2

SFCThis past weekend we discovered and tried out a new fast food place called Southern Fried Chicken on the Hedi Nouria road in Al Nasr 2.

I had passed in front of the place a few weeks ago, and it was still not open yet, and thought I’d check back on it when it was open, and this weekend we did and went in and tried it, twice.

Southern Fried Chicken (SFC) is as its name suggests a fast food restaurant mainly specializing in chicken meals, à la KFC for those who have had the pleasure.

SFC is a UK food franchise, and now that I come to think of it, I think I saw a couple of SFC restaurants in the UK before, but never got around to trying their food.

I really liked the setting and decor, the food is pretty good and the prices are quite ok too. I tried two menus up to now, one consisting of pieces of chicken and the other a chicken burger, and they both were good.

I hope we see other international food chains and franchises opening up in Tunisia soon. And please, if you’re one of those people who are thinking of commenting right now to tell me that we don’t want that kind of internationalization, and that you’d rather stick to lablabi and kaftaji, or that they’re unhealthy, you can spare yourself the effort, I’ve heard it all on several previous posts, and I respectfully disagree.

I love lablabi, I love kaftaji, I love a good s’han tounsi, …etc; But I also love a good burger every once in a while, some nicely cooked chicken every other while, or a yummy stuffed crust pizza some other times, …etc.
It’s up to me to take care of my health and choose when to go eat at these places and how often. I demand my freedom to eat whatever I choose 😛

Anyway, SFC is worth checking out for those who are fast food fans like me. They claim it has a lip licking flavour, which falls a bit short from KFC’s finger lickin’ goodness, but well, worth the try.

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