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Wow, it’s been over a week since I blogged here, mainly because I’ve been very busy working on StartUpArabia, and on some new extensions and side projects for it, but also because I haven’t really been in the mood to write a well-rounded post.

This post should pretty much sum up a number of my random thoughts and some interesting links that I’d like to share.

– USA: It’s about time Hillary Clinton stopped acting foolish, it’s time for her to drop out of the race now. Barack Obama is clearly going to get the nomination, and he deserves it.

– Zimbabwe: It’s going to be a run-off now between Mugabe and Tsvangirai, even though I’m quite sure there was no need for one. Anyway, I hope there won’t be any more violence, that Morgan Tsvangirai wins and that Zimbabweans can turn a new page starting this year.

– Lebanon: What a shame! Hezbollah using their arms against Lebanese people?! Do we really need that? Thank God this situation has passed, but this has to never happen again. And would you choose a President already, for God’s sake.

– Tunisia: The Tunis Sports City project has gotten the green light from the parliament, and should be officially launched this week. It’s a huge project, only shame is that I think a lot of trees are going to have to go to make place for it.

Enough about all that though, here are some interesting links that I enjoyed and thought I’d share with you:

Not Always Right (Funny and stupid customer quotes)
FontStruct (Create your own fonts online)
Geek and Poke (Funny web2.0 comics)

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