Tunis International Book Fair 2008

Something you can know for sure about me is that I never miss a book fair; as a book worm, that’s the stuff I live off of.

Tunis’ annual international book fair opened yesterday, mainly today for the public, and so the plan was clear, we’d go book shopping today.

As has been the case over the past years, there’s a big percentage of religious books, the same ones, just published and packaged differently, all over the fair; some uninteresting politics books here; some children books there; some whatever elsewhere; …etc.
And the big challenge is to dig through all of that to find some real gems and interesting books. As I never miss these book fairs, I know where to go now to find the stuff I’m looking for, although I keep an eye open for other surprises.

The booths I always visit are:
– Dar Al Saqi, Lebanon (For Arabic books)
– Maktabat Al Madbouli, Egypt (Arabic books)
– Univers du Livre, Tunisia (English books)
– Maktabat Jareer, Saudi Arabia (Arabic books)

I’m quite happy with what I’ve accomplished today and the books I got to buy, both the ones in Arabic and the ones in English.
I’ll be going back again, maybe tomorrow, to revisit some booths, and to maybe get some French books too.

If you have some other must-visit booths, please do leave a comment telling us about it.

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