Vatican Lists 7 New Modern Day Sins

The Catholic Church has come out with a list of seven new modern day sins – 1,500 years after announcing the original Seven Deadly Sins.

The new sins outlined in the Vatican’s official newspaper L’Osservatore Romano, include:

1. Genetic modification
2. Human experimentations
3. Polluting the environment
4. Social injustice
5. Causing poverty
6. Financial gluttony
7. Taking drugs

According to the Catholic Church, a person who commits a mortal sin risks burning in hell unless it’s absolved through confession and penitence.


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2 thoughts on “Vatican Lists 7 New Modern Day Sins”

  1. Though not a Catholic, I really can’t object to these in their general form. How they’re interpreted, though, especially genetic modification–that I may have some quibble with. (I love the prohibition against “financial gluttony.” And am in full compliance.)

    Seems it might be hard to be a devout Roman Catholic and a practicing biologist.

  2. but these new modern sins would surely not be effective because people nowadays will depend on confession..after they confess, they will go back again to their sinful self…it’s like, it’s okay to commit, anyway, there’s why worry?if you commit a sin then confess right away..*sigh..

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