Tetris Shelves

Tetris shelves

Now, how cool would shelves like that look. Simply awesome.

We’ve been thinking of getting some shelves for our piling books and stuff for some time, and now that I’ve seen this, I’m really considering having a carpenter custom-make us some of these.

[Source: Brave Space Design]
[Via: And Far Away, Kotaku]

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One thought on “Tetris Shelves”

  1. Stylistically intriguing, MMM, and pleasing to the eye, thought you might wish to check out IKEA’s cubist-ish bookcases. We’re getting one of these:


    Shipping to Tunis? There’s some chatter about it here.

    Some significant assembly required. (Set aside a half a day.) Over the years, the English language directions for IKEA products have matured, and now sadly lack the linguistic charm of their first efforts. Their stuff can be bolted to the wall, should anyone have small children who looking at that bookcase, would see a rock-climbing challenge. 🙂


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