Life: Priorities, Perspective & Balance

Many of us talk about our priorities in life, how we’ve given them some thought, how we’ve figured them all out, and how we know we should act according to those priorities.

But in the end of the day, many many of us don’t do anything about it, we know what our priorities should be, we know what we care about most in life, but when it comes to our everyday acts in life, they simply don’t reflect those priorities at all.

Sometimes it takes something very powerful, a shock, to just open our eyes, bring everything into perspective, and show us that the way we’re leading our lives is just not the way they should be led, that our time and effort isn’t divided fairly and according to the priorities we have in our minds.

Today, I went through such a shock, it was definitely one of the worst and scariest moments of my life. Fortunately, things worked out fine in the end, but what’s for sure is that it left my eyes wide open; re-evaluating my life, my priorities, my spent time, my invested efforts and showed me that I needed to reach a better balance in my life.

What do I do or what does anyone do next? I really don’t know.
But I’ll certainly be trying to push myself to do whatever is necessary to get my priorities straight and everything else well aligned to them and as balanced as they can ever be.

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