Bled El Ward, A New $10 Billion Emirati Project In Tunisia

Bled El WardEmirati Al Maabar International Investments Company recently announced its plans to build one of its biggest projects in the African Continent. This project is ‘Bled El Ward’ (City Of Roses) on the northern rives of the capital Tunis, in Ariana, on a total area of 5 Thousands Hectares, with a total cost that reaches $10 Billion.

The project will result in the construction of a modern city made up with many components such as the International Health city, water channels in addition to tourist resorts, residencies, sport facilities, Golf fields, and areas for shopping, entertainments and open space.

The project derives its name from the old name of the Tunisian city, Ariana, which is known for its beautiful roses and flowers and its soft breeze.

Its design gets its name from the old architecture history. It is based on the most modernized architecture styles. Furthermore, it gives priority to the environment and nature as whole, with its sea and forests sides. It also provides 50 Km of beaches through its water channels.

The realisation of ‘Bled El Ward’ project will be on many phases. The first is ‘Diar El Fel’ zone that covers 300 hectares, 190 Hectares will be devoted to building. The development period of this project will be 5 years.

Personally, I think it is great that more Emirati companies and businesses are investing in Tunisia, it’s great for the economy, for creating jobs, for modernizing our cities and above all it’s a great example of how we as Arabs can work and succeed together when we really want to.

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8 thoughts on “Bled El Ward, A New $10 Billion Emirati Project In Tunisia”

  1. this is indeed very exciting news, these mega projects will boost the economy big time and attract tourists and investors alike. do u think this will generate IT Jobs or it’s just limited to labour and constructions

  2. I am thinking where all waste water will be diverted to ! Yet the Sebkha in Ariana is a natural cistern of waste water as well as the lake in Lac Nord in Tunis. So the question is where all this waste water will go ! May be in a more “popular” subrub of Tunis!

  3. It’s a little bizarre for you to refer to it as a project in the “African” continent rather than one in North Africa. Remember, Tunisians and other Southern Mediterranean peoples were not consulted when their dictators decided to join the absurd “African Union,” which will mean our destruction. Luckily, I am confident that most nations will secede during the new decade or so, when my generation takes over. However, it is important to remember that Africa is the world’s second largest continent and that, like the Middle East, North Africa (Morocco to Egypt) must remain adherent to its identity, its distinctly Mediterranean Arab identity, and now fall prey to Fraco-European, Gaddafi, Sub-Saharan propaganda, that wishes to burden the southern Mediterranean region with the plight of Sub-Saharan Africa as they themselves would rather not deal with it.

  4. the thing is you might be ashamed of being african,but you can’t change the map all tunisians are african,most of them are muslim, some of them are of arabic origin and some are mixed(roman,greek,berber,african).personnaly im a muslim,tunisian,african and proud of my dark skin not like many arabs they think the wither you are the is beautifull baby

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