93% of Muslims Worldwide Condemn 9/11 Attacks

Interesting Gallup Poll results from Islamic World:

– 93% of Muslims Worldwide Condemn 9/11 Attacks; and most said the biggest obstacle to better relations with the West was the latter’s lack of respect for Islam.

– 0% Approve of Attacks on Religious Grounds. Among the seven percent who viewed the Sep 11 attacks as justified, not one gave religious justification for their views, instead expressing their fear of US plans for occupation and domination of the Muslim world.

– Substantial majorities in all Muslim countries said they supported bringing democratic principles to their own countries and admired the US primarily for its technological innovation and liberal democracy, but less than 50 percent believed the US was serious about bringing that democracy to the Islamic world.

Politics, not piety, differentiate moderates from radicals. Terrorism sympathisers don’t hate our freedom, they want our freedom.

Dalia Mogahed, executive director of the Gallup Center for Muslim studies

[Via: Pensito Review, Two Circles]

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7 thoughts on “93% of Muslims Worldwide Condemn 9/11 Attacks”

  1. Got a link for the actual poll? I haven’t been able to find it. Those numbers seem way off to me, compared to other poll results. I’d like to see the actual data. The last poll I saw indicated that some 30% of Muslims didn’t even believe that Muslims had committed the 9/11 attacks. I can’t think of a single way to make that reconcile with the results reported here.

  2. The poll, Craig, is from Gallup, at Princeton, a town in New Jersey hosting not only my daughter but an Ivy League university of the same name.

    The Gallup Organization is the world’s preeminent polling entity. Questions as to the poll may be directed to its Principal Investigator at Gallup, Dr. Dalia Mogahed. Dr. Mogahed’s blog is:


    Took me 20 seconds to find Gallup and Dr. Mogahed, Craig. Perhaps your search might have been aided by using your computer mouse correctly? Below please find a link to help you master your mouse. (Sorry, couldn’t find a guide helping you to differentiate left from right.)


  3. Janissary, who solicited your dumbass opinions? Not me, so why are you addressing me?

    Anybody with an IQ over 80 want to contribute something? I assume there is a reason none of the three sites mentioned here that quoted the poll results had a link to the actual data. Do I have to go find out what the embarrassing bits were, or is somebody going to fess up?

  4. @Craig: First of all, no need to start calling people names.

    Anyway, here is a link to the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies:

    In their brochure, this same poll is mentioned:

    The results and an analysis of them are published in the book “Who Speaks for Islam? What a Billion Muslims Really Think”:

    Here’s the same story carried by Sydney’s Morning Herald:
    A bunch of other known newspapers and sources are carrying the story as well.

    I haven’t found a direct link to the poll itself, I think they haven’t put it on the website yet, but I think the links I’ve provided prove it’s not manufactured.

  5. “93% of Muslims Worldwide Condemn 9/11 Attacks”, before this opinion, the 9/11 attacks have not been made by muslims, it’s a plant made by the goverment

  6. Excellent blog post. I didn’t read the poll, but does it say what countries are the 7% concentrated in? It be interesting to see if they are countries which have bad relations with the US and Israel.

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