Trading Places, Changing Perspectives

I just came across a really interesting post in which the writer puts himself in the others shoes, looking at the situation from another perspective, imagining how it would be if it happened to him and his country…

Some highlights:

It’s been eight years now. Eight long years. Sure, initially I was glad when China toppled the Bush regime and executed the “retarded tyrant” as I love to call him. It wasn’t that bad at the start, but as time wore on and I realized they weren’t leaving, it started to gnaw at me.[…]

Initially, people seemed to accept the fact that we needed help getting rid of Bush’s dictatorship. Lately, I think people have come to understand that the Chinese are really here for our natural resources.


Yes, I know they call me a terrorist and an insurgent. I like to think of myself as a freedom fighter. If someone invaded your country and killed your people, I’d like to think you’d fight too. I don’t expect to win but if I don’t fight, if we don’t fight, then all Americans lose.


Very worth the read, check it out here: We fight for freedom – or “What if someone else did it to us?”.


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