Hire People That Are Better Than You

In my daily readings I recently came across this entry, that I thought I’d share here, about how you should always try to hire people that are better than you, something I totally agree with, and breaks down the reasons into the following points (I’m resuming in my own words):

1. Trust: You’re more likely to trust someone with something if you know they’ll be doing it ever better than you could.

2. Quality: You’re sure there won’t be a drop in quality whether you’r ethere or not.

3. Fresh Perspectives: These people will bring different experiences, skills, viewpoints and ideas to the table that can only benefit your business.

4. Greater Options: These people’s different experience will open up new doors for you and your business to expand in.

5. Efficiency: If they’re better than you, you won’t need to spend as much time coaching them and explaining things, which means more working time for you.

6. Cost Savings: People doing quality work save you the effort of having to redo things, which translates into more time and more profits for your business.

Read the full detailed entry here Hire People that are Better than You (NHG Consulting).

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