Four Lebanese Jailed For Rude Commentary On Facebook

Weird bit of news from Lebanon…

Four Lebanese university students have been jailed for a week for making crude remarks on the Facebook social networking site about the singing talents of a woman they met at a party, media reports said on Thursday.Local newspapers reported that the students, all male, were ordered to be detained on January 10 after the young woman’s father objected to the authorities in the western town of Zahle.

The four were charged with slander and “violating public morality” and were ordered to be held in preventive detention despite objections by human-rights groups.

[Source: Now Lebanon]


When people get thrown into jail for stuff like this you can’t help but feel how long the road ahead still is.

Should this really be an issue? Don’t these judges have anything more important to do?

[Via: AndFarAwayBeirut Spring]

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