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Well after a period of watching, testing & playing around: I’m officially hooked and using Twitter.

For those not familiar with Twitter, it can be best described, I think, as a micro-blogging / social networking platform that allows users to send “updates” (or “tweets”) to the Twitter website, via short message service, instant messaging, or a third-party application. Updates are then displayed on the user’s profile page and instantly delivered to other users who have signed up to receive them via instant messaging, SMS, RSS, email or through an application.

I’m personally using Twitter to post my quick thoughts, ideas, reactions or things that are either too small to make a blog post or that I want to blog about later on but don’t want to forget.

I’m using Abiro Jitter on my mobile phone to post my updates while on the go; Google Talk for when I’m chatting with friends; Twhirl for when I’m working on something, but not necessarily with an open browser; and otherwise it’s online through the Twitter website.

I’m also using Twitterfeed to post little updates with the last entries I write on this blog.

So, if you’re interested you can follow me on Twitter here:
You can also join in on the fun, create yourself an account and start tweeting yourself. If you do, don’t hesitate to add me as a friend so I can reciprocate and follow your twitter stream too.

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