8 Simple Rules to Attain Work/Life Balance

Work/Life balance is a very important subject and really big challenge for a lot of people nowadays; I just came across an interesting post on Slacker Manager where David Zinger shares his 8 simple rules to solve work/life balance.

Here’s a quick overview of his ideas in my own words:

1. Make sure you really want to and can change to achieve this balance
2. Put life before work.
3. Create a dynamic balance not a static one.
4. Set your limits; Know when to say no to work and yes to family.
5. Don’t lie to yourself about who you are working for.
6. Be understanding of your family’s needs and try to find instant solutions and make changes right away.
7. Quality time with your family is important, but quantity counts even more.
8. Talk your way out of teetering at work.Read the full post here: 8 Simple Rules to Solve Work/Life Balance

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